Bluestone T-Shirts and Merchandise are now available!

Bluestone Union 1973 Light T-ShirtModern Bluestone Union BU White T-Shirt 2013 Bluestone Union Men's Fitted T-Shirt (dark)Golf Shirt

Our resident band artist and drummer Wally Gunn has set up the availability of several Bluestone Union design T-Shirts and some other items on CafePress. You can pick from a vintage 1973 style or one of the newly designed Bluestone logos. Wally also has some designs for the drum circle group he plays with there. Have a look and order your custom made shirts in the exact style, size and color you want. Check out the Wally Gunn designed work at

If you see some other merchandise there that you would like to have with our logo, let us know and we’ll get it set up. No extra charge!

Show your pride and wear your very own Bluestone apparel to our next show.