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  • Wed

    Cancelled: Kirtlander @ Sausalito Kirtland

    6 - 9 pm

    9270 Chillicothe Rd
    Kirtland, OH 44094

    Blue Evolution has been advised that Sausalito Kirtland has closed and we will not be playing there. This is a huge disappointment to all of us and we will certainly miss these events, the venue and all the wonderful people who have made it their regular monthly gathering. Hopefully as this door closes, another will open and the BE east side early shows can continue in another form… Stay tuned!

    Blue Evolution is back for another show at the Sausalito/Kirtlander Restaurant. We’re going to do it again and we’d love to have you join us. We play on the Kirtlander side of the building. Enjoy all your favorite British Invasion Era (and more) tunes in this new venue – great food and lots of room for dancing! Of course you can also dine in the restaurant and then walk through to the Kirtlander side for the show. Full menu and bar available on both sides. Sausalito Restaurant opens at 3pm. Doors to the Kirtlander room open at 5pm. Seating in the Kirtlander room is open (no reservations). If you are arriving after 5pm, you can enter from the front Kirtlander entrance. Happy Hour specials are available until 6 pm. If you plan to dine in the restaurant, enter at the Sausalito entrance on the right side of the building in the rear (look for the big S sign). Lots of parking is available on the side and in back. Hope to see you there!